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The VX1000 HSS is the first of its kind. A high performance 3D printing system for additive manufacturing of polymers. Designed for continuous use in industrial production. Automatable and highly productive, the VX1000 HSS is an economically viable alternative to conventional plastic injection molding.

Outstanding reproducibility at high volumes. With the VX1000 HSS, an additive manufacturing machine is entering the market that opens up new production possibilities for the 3D printing plastics industry. With unparalleled flexibility and high output. At the same time, the VX1000 HSS achieves low and consistently consistent shift times with consistently impressive precision, high edge sharpness and surface quality.

Impressive. Even on its own, the VX1000 HSS impresses with its speed. Fully automated, it is able to produce medium and large batch sizes in series with minimal personnel requirements and with virtually no interruption and extremely cost-efficiently. Depending on the task at hand, the VX1000 HSS can be flexibly expanded by a modular automation concept and optimally adapted to your production needs.

Intelligent, networked and digitalized. The VX1000 HSS offers a maximum of traceability and process reliability. Equipped with a large number of sensors, it is perfectly prepared for the requirements of smart production chains.

Advantage of cost efficient


With a jobbox dimension of 1000 mm x 540 mm x 400 mm the VX1000 offers an enormous construction volume. No matter whether you use it for large or many small components.

Advantage of material variety

Extrem materialtolerant.

The VX1000 HSS is equipped as standard for processing PA12. However, after qualification or in-house development, most polymers can also be processed.

Advantage of compatibility

Integration made easy.

With a modular post-process chain, the 3D printing system can be quickly integrated into conventional and networked production environments.

Advantage of system quality

Designed for continuous operation.

The VX1000 HSS is designed for sustainable productive use in industry. As a 3D printing system, it is designed for continuous use in industrial multi-shift operation.

Advantage of productivity

Maximum output, minimum cost.

Thanks to its construction volume of up to 216 liters, the VX1000 HSS is already an economically ideal choice for small and medium batch sizes.

Advantage of risk reduction

Safe in planning and production.

State-of-the-art sensor technology guarantees maintenance times that can be firmly planned. Intelligent process monitoring avoids error sources and cost-intensive missing parts.

Areas of application of the VX1000 HSS

Designed for the efficient automated series production of sophisticated polymer components on an industrial scale. As a solitaire, however, the VX1000 HSS demonstrates its economic qualities even with smaller batch sizes, as well as prototype and spare parts construction on demand.

To establish additive manufacturing in the series production of the plastics industry - this is what the VX1000 HSS was created for. Large-volume installation space, robust technology for continuous operation, 3D printing technology for highest production speed. The VX1000 HSS enables the cost-efficient production of plastic components that can hardly, or not economically, be manufactured on an industrial scale using conventional injection molding. Without limits - around the clock.
Flexible production of small series or short-term production peaks. The VX1000 HSS offers a cost-effective solution for components where the design of a tool is not worthwhile. When time contributes to economic success, e.g. in case of production bottlenecks or short-term special series, the VX1000 HSS with its high performance easily masters medium batch sizes. Around the clock, non-stop.
The polymer high speed sintering process makes it possible to use the maximum space of the VX1000 HSS for components. This is ideal, for example, for producing the characteristics of different design iterations in a single print job and then immediately testing them in comparison.

The VX1000 HSS is suitable for:

75% Prototyping

80% Small series

95% Serial production

Flexible in production

Faster, more variants – without high upfront costs. 3D printing using the polymer high-speed sintering process offers the industry decisive competitive advantages in all areas where speed and flexibility are required.

Time to market – Reduced development and production times in design and function enable you to bring your products to market much faster.

Geometrical freedom – additive production eliminates the manufacturing limitations of conventional processes. Printable is what is constructively conceivable. For products that are lighter, more efficient or simply go beyond the limits of what is currently possible.

Production scaling – If smaller polymer components or lower quantities are required, you can easily transfer production within the voxeljet VX series to other, smaller systems in the voxeljet VX series. Or you can call on voxeljet’s on-demand service at peak times to avoid production bottlenecks.

Polymer High Speed Sintering

Polymer High Speed Sintering is a 3D printing process in which powder material applied in thin layers is selectively wetted with an ink and fused by means of energy input.

In the Polymer High Speed Sintering process, the printing software breaks down the shape defined in the CAD data into thousands of thin layers that make up the mold. This process can even be used to produce complex bionic internal structures or contact-free interlinked products.
The coater applies hair-thin layers of powder material to the building platform, which is then selectively wetted by the print head with an infrared-absorbing ink. By irradiating the layer with infrared light, the ink-dyed parts of the component fuse together, while the uncolored powder remains loose. These steps are repeated until the component is assembled. In practice, several components are usually produced in a single job box to achieve maximum production efficiency.
3d Polymer High Speed Sintering from voxeljet
After the printing process, the printed components are freed from unbound printing material and prepared for further processing. voxeljet materials are resource-friendly and, depending on the material, unbound powder residues can be fed back into the production cycle.
3D Polymer Bauteile entpacken

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Technical details

Equipped with 216 liters construction volume and its innovative coating and print head technology, it meets all requirements for a high-performance production medium in the mass production of polymer components.

voxeljet Polymer High Speed Binder Jetting process

Up to 360 dpi

Building volume:
216 litres per job 

Jobbox size:
Height 180 mm, Length 1.000 mm, Width 540 mm

Our Polymer High Speed Sintering (HSS) process is ideal for the additive production of plastic components in injection molding series quality.

Our plastics processes can print polyamide 12 as standard and other polymers such as PP, TPU, PEBA and EVA on request.

Depending on requirements, components can be subsequently colored or blasted.

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