Our Global Polymer Partner Network for 3D printing processes HSS

The interplay between material and 3D printing system is the decisive factor for achieving high performance product quality. With the fully customizable HSS process you can experience full freedom in material development.

3D printing of polymers

With the open 3d printing system VX200 HSS and ProPrint software, customers can freely tailor individual printing processes to specifically meet their customer's expectations. voxeljet already works with polymers ranging from PA12 to PP and TPU and others.

The quality and properties are similar to injection molding and equivalent to other additive processes. We are glad to answer any questions you may have regarding our industrial 3d printing applications.


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Pioneers for HSS

To ensure the best possible synergy of material and machine, as well as to broaden the range of materials and applications for HSS, we work closely with various partners from the chemical industry.

„The combination of the high flexibility of the voxeljet High Speed Sintering process with the high performance powders of AM POLYMERS GmbH results in components with excellent mechanical properties, high accuracy and excellent surface quality."

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wegner

„We enable our customers to shape the Additive Manufacturing industrial revolution."




„Our aim is to create technological breakthroughs. With the in-house integration of the HSS-Process, we were able to qualify Windform® P1, the isotropic PA material that enables the creation of small 3D printed production components with quality and properties similar to injection molding."

CRP Technology




"We are pleased to join voxeljet in showing the suitability of Addigy TPU powders in the industrial HSS process."

Thomas Büsgen
Head of Technical Development AM

„We want to process a wide variety of materials with our VX200: from PA12 and PA613 to PEBA. However, we are generally not limited in the materials' portfolio. The HSS technology from voxeljet allows the interaction between material and machine to be optimized and thus the offering of the best possible material.“

Sylvia Monsheimer
Head of Market Segment New 3D Printing Technologies

„voxeljet's VX200 system has allowed us to totally customize the way we process a material to meet our customers' needs. The size and speed of the machine makes our processes even more productive, and creates polypropylene parts that are effortless to dye. The VX200 is a truly innovative platform that supports our mission to offer customers a high quality and truly customizable solution."

Mark Dickin
Additive Manufacturing & Molding Engineering Manager