From the idea to the finished cast part

voxeljet produces cast parts based on CAD data sets as a service. The primary benefit: significant time and cost advantages by 3D-printing molds without tools. At maximum quality, of course. We have been working for many years with reliable foundries who have a high level of metallurgical and casting expertise. Our international customers appreciate the expert service we offer for cast products, individual consulting and efficient project management - especially when they have no foundry of their own. voxeljet knows the strengths of its strategic partners and can thus carry out the projects fast, economically and according to German quality standards. voxeljet examines each component from an engineering perspective. We can also provide assistance with preparing the CAD data and designing the molds prior to casting.

The following materials are available for casting:      

  • Magnesium
  • Aluminum
  • Iron and steel casting
  • Steel casting
  • Brass casting

The materials are not available in all processes.


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