Phenol Direct Binding - PDB

Our Phenol Direct Binding (PDB) process offers an ecological alternative to the use of furan resins due to the use of raw sands and a recycling rate of up to 100%. PDB molds are characterized by particularly high strength, reduced gas consumption and reduced wall thicknesses. These properties enable the design of optimized, more efficient components for a variety of applications. For on demand printing, voxeljet offers building volumes of up to 1,000 x 600 x 500 mm. If even higher volumes are required, the VX2000 can be used as a 3D printing system with a job box size of 2,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 mm. In addition to phenolic resin, furan resin or inorganic binder systems can also be supplied by voxeljet.


  • Use of raw, untreated standard and special sands
  • Wide range of materials, as raw sands can be used
  • Bending strengths of up to 500 N/cm³
  • Freely adjustable binder content
  • Low loss on ignition, gas formation and hot deformation
  • Thin wall thicknesses possible
  • Unprinted sand 100 % recyclable
Molding materialSilica sandCerabeadsChromite
Type GS 14 / GS 19 / GS 25CerabeadsChromite
Average grain size140 µm 200 µm220 µm
Application Molds and cores with demanding requirements for surfacesHigh thermal resistance, low thermal extension, good packaging, good strength and surface, alternative to Chromite, Kerphalite or ZirconeGood against buoyancy and buoyancy, increased heat transfer
Total loss of ignition 
(weight. -%)   
2,0 – 2,6> 1,5 %> 0,5 %
Max. size 1,000 x 600 x 500 mm
Molding MaterialUntreated silica sands in different granulations
Binder typePhenolic binder
Layer thickness250 – 300 µm, Standard 300 µm
Resolutionapprox. 200 µm (depending on sand used)
Accuracy± 0,1 % (min. ± 1,5 * layer thickness)
Bending strength250-500 N/cm(depending on sand or binder used)
Recycling ratealmost 100 % of the unbound sand