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The VX2000 is an extremely powerful and proven 3D printing system for industrial applications. Its 2,000-liter capacity makes it one of the most productive 3D printing systems on the market today. No matter whether we are talking about large collection jobs or components with up to 2 m edge length.

With the innovative combination of bi-directional printing technology and parallel powder application, the VX2000 prints the entire construction panel at breakneck speed, in just two passes per shift with the highest precision. Especially in the production of small to medium batch sizes, it enables unit costs that offer significant economic advantages over conventional production methods.

The VX2000 combines productivity with flexibility and material diversity. Even with high machine utilization, the piezoelectric print head modules work extremely precisely in the micrometer range. With a construction volume of 2000 x 1000 x 1000 mm, the VX2000 is specially designed to economically produce small and medium batch sizes in the shortest possible time. With the “Paralell Recoating” system feature, shift times are further reduced and throughput times of the printing system are further optimized by applying a new layer on the panel while the print head is still printing on the panel.

The VX2000 allows the use of furan and phenolic resin binders from voxeljet. This makes the 3D printing system for sand castings/casting molds compatible with a wide range of sands for mold production. From standardized quartz sand to special sands such as Cerabeads or Chromite. This makes the VX2000 the ideal addition to your core and mold making shop.

As a robust 3D printer, the VX2000 is ideally suited for demanding, multi-shift industrial applications. High-quality machine components and an intelligent maintenance concept ensure 24-hour operational readiness and sustained high availability.

Advantage of productivity

Maximize productivity

Up to 92 l/h, the VX2000 is one of the most economical and productive 3D printing systems in the world. Impressively efficient with large molds in small runs or smaller molds in large numbers.

Advantage of hybrid assembly


Whether demanding mold geometry or complex cores for high-temperature casting. The VX2000 enables the perfect binder, sand combination for you.

Advantage of usability

Quick to learn, smart to use

The VX2000 can do a lot - but thanks to a well-thought-out ergonomic concept across the entire voxeljet VX series, operation remains very simple.

Advantage of part quality

Highest manufacturing quality

High-quality machine components and intelligent software ensure top quality in the printed components and a lastingly stable printing process.

Advantage of precision


With a resolution of up to 300 dpi, the VX2000 can image even the finest details in the highest precision, even for large-format components with a length of up to 2 m.

Advantage of robust

Designed for continuous use

The VX2000 is designed for productive use in industry. As a robust 3D printing system, it proves its reliability day after day in continuous operation in industrial multi-shift operations.

Application fields for the VX2000

With a building space of 2,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 mm, the VX2000 is ideal for 3D printing of small and medium series. Even with large molds and parts.

Especially large-format prototypes can cause enormous tooling costs. The VX2000 accompanies you in every phase of development. With quickly available components for design, ergonomics or technical function evaluation. Extremely economical - fast and precise in detail.
Special orders or individual series are often associated with high tool costs. With the VX2000, you can print molds and parts without tools and on demand 3D. This is a sensible and cost-efficient alternative, especially for small series.
Whether as an own series or to strengthen the implemented production. Thanks to the high volume of the job box and the high printing speed, the VX2000 can also handle medium-sized series jobs with ease and in top quality. This applies in particular to components or component groups that can be arranged several times in the Jobbox of the VX2000. This ability has also proven its worth in practice as a flexible element to accompany conventional production lines. For example, for quickly cushioning volatile production peaks or in the flexible production of component variants in smaller quantities.

The VX2000 is suitable for:

80% Prototyping

80% small batches

50% serial production

Flexible in the production

Faster, more variants – without high upfront costs. Binder Jetting 3D printing offers the industry decisive competitive advantages in all areas where speed and flexibility are required.

Time to market – Reduced development and production times in design and function bring your products to market much faster.

Geometric freedom – additive production removes the manufacturing limitations of conventional processes. Printable is what is constructively conceivable. For products that are lighter, more efficient or simply go beyond the limits of what is currently possible.

Scaling – If larger components or higher quantities are required, you can easily transfer production within the voxeljet VX series to other, smaller or larger voxeljet VX series systems.

The Binder Jetting printing process

Binder Jetting is a 3D printing process in which powder material applied in thin layers is selectively bonded to a binder.

In the Binder Jetting process, the system software breaks down the shape defined in the CAD data into thousands of thin layers that make up the mold. Even complex bionic internal structures or products linked together without contact can be produced in this process.
The coater applies hair-thin layers of powder material on the building platform, which are then selectively bonded by the print head. These steps are repeated until the product is built up. In practice, several products are usually produced in a single job box to make the best possible use of these.
After the printing process, the printed components are freed from unglued material to prepare them for further processing. Depending on the material system, the unglued powder residues can be fed back into the production process - this makes voxeljet printing materials particularly resource-friendly.
Unpacking the VX2000 from voxeljet

If it were up to our customers, they would prefer to have the castings yesterday, a service we unfortunately cannot offer as of yet. But we can easily print one job box in less than a single day, which makes the VX2000 the most productive 3D printer in the whole of Finland.

Ville Moilanen, Managing DirectorHetitec Oy

Scandinavia’s fastest foundry

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Technical details

The VX2000 combines productivity with flexibility and material diversity. Even with high machine utilization, the piezoelectric print head modules work extremely precisely in the micrometer range. Especially in the production of small to medium batch sizes, it enables unit costs that offer significant economic advantages over conventional manufacturing processes.

voxeljet Binder Jetting process

Up to 300 dpi

Up to 92 liters per hour

Jobbox size:
Height 1.000 mm, Length 2.000 mm, Width 1.000 mm

Our processes are furan resin based (ODB) and phenolic resin based (PDB) and are ideal for the high quality requirements of the foundry industry.

Sand types
We offer classical quartz sand with different grain sizes as well as Cerabeads.

Finishing is done by epoxy resin infiltration or sealing. If the parts are not used for the casting process.

Documentsfor download

  • Document machine data sheet
  • Document material data sheet
  • Document Data Sheet (US)

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