Sand casting molds - rapid and economical

3D printers from voxeljet can be used for the time- and cost-efficient production of sand molds and cores for metal casting. The molds are produced by applying a particle material in layers and selectively bonding it with a binder. Silica sand is used as the particulate material.

Properties of sand

  • Ideal for prototype manufacturing and tool optimization: For example, you can use 3D printing to quickly, flexibly and economically develop and optimize tools.
  • Uses common foundry materials: silica sand and furan/phenol resin with series-comparable molding and casting properties.
  • Molds can be used immediately: no pretreatment necessary.
  • Easy core removal: Due to the low binder content (for 3D printing), the outgassing and core removal behavior is comparable to that of traditional processes
  • Excellent bending strength
  • The applied, unprinted sand is nearly 100% recyclable (PDB process)
  • Suitable for sand casting of all castable materials, such as aluminum, brass, magnesium, iron and steel casting as well as all common alloys

Benefits of 3D-printing sand molds and cores:

  • Economical production: Complex sand molds and cores are manufactured additively without complex and expensive tool production
  • Large-format printing: Molds can be produced on building platforms up to 4,000 x 2,000 x 1,000 mm (LxWxH)
  • Complex components: Nearly unlimited geometries, undercuts can be implemented
  • Precise sand molds and cores with a high surface quality
  • Combinations are possible: 3D-printed cores can be combined with traditional sand molds and vice versa.
  • Our service centers can deliver molds and cores with furan binder; our printing systems are available with a phenol binder process


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Molding MaterialSilica sandCerabeads
Type GS 14 / GS 19 / GS 25Cerabeads
Medium grain size140 / 190 / 250 µm 200µm
Application Molds and cores with high surface requirements/ Cores with high gas permeability /Cores; highest gas permeabilityHigh thermal resistance, low thermal extension, good packaging, good strength and surface, alternative to Chromite, Kerphalite or Zircone
Layer thickness300 / 300/400 / 300 µm300 µm
Build platformup to 4,000 x 2,000 x 1,000 mm
Binder-typeCold hardening furan resin*
Loss on ignition ≤ 1.9 Gew. %**
Accuracy± 0,1 % (min. ± 1.5 * layer thickness)
Bending strengthFrom 220 N/cm2 (depending on sand /or binder used)

*Only available as 3D print service at the voxeljet Service Center 

**Depending on sand types

Build platformup to 1,000 x 600 x 500 mm
Binder-typePhenolic binder
Accuracy± 0,1 % (min. ± layer thickness)
Bending strength250-500 N/cm(depending on sand /or binder)
Recycling rateapprox. 100 % of the loose material



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