Training & internships


Good training is essential when it comes to launching a professional career. voxeljet offers first-rate specialist training and an intimate atmosphere with a strong team spirit in our global company. Our fully equipped, cutting-edge training workshop offers the best preparation for your future career. Our training programs are always aimed at the possibility of offering you a job with long-term prospects.

Internships for secondary school pupils in business management and mechatronics

We provide the opportunity for secondary school pupils to complete an internship with us. This internship lasts for one week, regardless of the subject area. During this period, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the various activities involved in the qualified professions available in our company as well as in later areas of employment. In order to effectively coordinate the internships, we offer the following week-long opportunities for secondary school pupils:

Internship in industrial business management:   

University studies

voxeljet also offers a wide range of opportunities for university students to gain initial experience in an international, innovation-driven company. For example, we advise theses and offer practice semesters and internships. A work student arrangement is also possible. In any case, we look forward to reviewing your proactive application! What we offer is the chance to work in an exciting, high-tech environment, where you will be able to take on small projects. You need to be enrolled in an institution of higher education. Ideally you should also have selected a major.