The world of additive manufacturing, or Binder Jetting to be precise, is full of innovations, various materials, manifold applications and exciting experiences and stories. Over the past year we have collected a rich libary of webinars, workshops and expert interviews, to bring you closer to 3D printing. Not only for metal casting, but also for prop making, architectural applications, polymers and material development.

Please feel free to browse through the collection. All videos are provided free of charge and on demand. If any questions stay unanswered, feel free to reach out. We’re happy to help.

Workshop: HSS poylmer printing

In this workshop we will present our HSS technology in detail: From open source conception to scaling and production possibilities.

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Workshop: Sand printing

In this webinar we will deep dive into our 3D printing solutions for metal casting. Learn all about our material, pricing and lead time options.

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Workshop: PMMA printing

In this webinar, learn how technically demanding industries such as aerospace, automotive, pumps and artists benefit from 3D printed PMMA parts.

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Customer Story Brafe Engineering

In this webinar, Adam Dalby, Managing Director at Brafe Engineering will showcase their journey into 3D printing and how the foundry profits from it.

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Customer Story TITAL GmbH

In this webinar, TITAL shares their experiences with 3D printed PMMA patterns for investment casting of special alloys such as aluminum and titanium.

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Customer Story Hetitec

In this webinar, the Finland based foundry Hetitec talk about, how it became one of Scandinavia’s fastest foundries by integrating 3D sand printing.

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Webinar: Prop making

In this webinar we will walk you through advantages, workflows, materials and plenty of applications & examples of 3D printing-supported prop making.

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Customer Story: DOKA

In this webinar, the renowned German formwork manufacturer, Deutsche Doka, will talk about their experiences of 3D printed formwork elements.

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Webinar: Ceramic 3D printing

In this webinar we will be joined by two experts from AGCC and take you through the journey of tailoring a 3D printer for ceramics and material qualification.

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Webinar: Art Casting

In this webinar, the renowned German art foundry, Strassacker, will tell all about PMMA 3D printing technology and it’s applications in art casting.

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Webinar: Architecture

In this webinar you will learn all about 3D printing for architectural projects. From complex formwork elements to interior design applications and architecture models.

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Customer Story: Frauenhofer IPA

In this webinar we were joined by Fraunhofer IPA how will lead you through the HSS material network and its expertise for developing new materials for HSS

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Interview: VX1000 HSS

In this workshop, we will pick the brain of the head of the voxljet HSS team and talk about our VX1000 HSS for serial 3D polymer printing in detail.

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Customer Story: HamiltonJet

In this interview, we talk with the waterjet propulsion expert HamiltonJet who share with us their experience with 3D printed PMMA patterns and its benefits.

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Webinar: 3D printing service UK

In this webinar we introduce you to our On Demand Printing services for the UK. Learn all about our technology, and how to handle post Brexit challenges.

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Webinar: Investment Casting

In this webinar you will learn all about our PMMA material set and the benefits of 3D printed PMMA patterns for investment casting applications.

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