3D printing systems: Materials and advantages

voxeljet offers various materials for additive manufacturing solutions - in industries from automotive engineering and foundries to design and entertainment. The printed components, especially in the areas of casting and moldmaking, both in industry and the arts, have ideal properties for series production results.

voxeljet offers a chemical 3D printing process, Powder Binder Jetting, which uses nozzles to apply a binder. Unlike laser-based systems, this process is designed for size and speed and helps make you both more flexible and more productive. 

Significant advantages - both technical and economical:

  • Cost effective: 3D printing often turns out to be the most economical manufacturing method, depending on the component geometry and size of the series.
  • Size advantages: voxeljet has the world's biggest industrial 3D printers.* This allows you to flexibly produce large individual molds, a great many small components or a combination of the two.
  • Time savings: voxeljet offers the most powerful 3D printing systems on the market - they can shorten the component production time by as much as 75%, compared to classic moldmaking
  • Experience: Since its founding in 1999, voxeljet has gained many years of experience as a manufacturer of 3D printing systems and is one of the world's leading suppliers. You benefit from this expertise with every voxeljet product.

*Measured on the basis of the contiguous build volume.