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A journey into 3D printed castings

How can 3D printing be integrated into a foundry? UK foundry Brafe Engineering uses both 3D sand and PMMA printing for sand and investment casting, and has been able to generate more than 20% of its sales from 3D printing in recent years. In particular, the company relies on specialty sands such as Cerabeads for core printing to combine with conventionally manufactured molds.

In this webinar, Adam Dalby, Managing Director at Brafe Engineering will showcase their journey into 3D printing, the growth in applications for 3D sand printing, and how the foundry has seen sales increasing from 3D printing despite Covid.

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Our Speaker

Adam Dalby, Managing Director at Brafe Engineering

Brafe Engineering is a world leading UK manufacturer of high specification alloy castings. Supporting it’s global customers with an end-to end, single service solution. Brafe Engineering offers a unique and unrivalled breadth of material knowledge and engineering support. The company focuses on both sand and investement casting. For over six years, the foundry has put their trust into 3D printed parts from voxeljet. First as a customer for on demand printing, but in 2021 Brafe invested into a VX1000 PDB for inhouse production.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • how the foundry sees 20%+ of revenue linked to 3D printing
  • all about the post Brexit importing of sand and PMMA prints from Germany
  • what factors led the foundry to invest in inhouse 3D printing instead of on demand purchasing
  • how Brafe uses 3D prinitng to simplify supply and value chains
  • How 3D-printed parts improve surface finishing and turnaround times

Missed the webinar?

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