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CAD design for rapid prototyping in the sand casting process

3D sand printing offers special cost and delivery advantages for sand foundries. The key to this is computer aided design (CAD). It gives design departments new possibilities and freedom to significantly optimize the casting process and the quality of the castings. In combination with 3D printing, draft angles become obsolete, undercuts irrelevant and tooling costs minimal.

In this webinar, Jan Kaste, head of pattern making at Wilhelm Funke Metallgießerei, talks about CAD design and the use and benefits of 3D printed molds and cores for aluminium and magnesium casting.

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About the speaker:

Jan Kaste

Jan Kaste started his apprenticeship as a model maker at the Wilhelm Funke metal foundry in 2005. He then went on to study for a Bachelor of Engineering degree, which he completed in 2011. Since then, Jan has worked as a CAD designer for model and tool making and rapid prototyping at the foundry. In 2012, he took over as head of pattern making, and since 2016 he has also worked in technical sales at the foundry.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How the Wilhelm Funke metal foundry uses 3D printing.
  • The benefits of additive manufacturing for CAD design
  • How lead times can be drastically reduced for both prototypes and small batches
  • What parameters need to be taken into account in CAD design
  • How 3D printed parts can be integrated into existing process chains.

Did you miss the webinar?

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