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3D printing & Investment Casting for waterjet propulsion

Creating precise and filigree metal parts can be a challenge. New Zealand-based HamiltonJet specializes in waterjet actuators and relies on a combination of 3D printing and investment casting for its castings. By using 3D printed PMMA patterns, HamiltonJet is able to consolidate parts and therefore simplify it’s workflows and value chains.

In this interview, we speak with Gary Martin, plant and process engineer at HamiltonJet. He shares with us his experience with 3D printed PMMA patterns, and walks us through the workflows and benefits, PMMA patterns have compared to conventional wax patterns.

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Our Speaker

Tobias King, Director Marketing & Application

Tobias King joined voxeljet as project engineer in system assembly and after sales in 2008. Later he assumed responsibility for the Sales and Marketing department where he contributed to expand voxeljet´s global partner network, increasing sales and brand awareness. This led to further expansion of the service of on-demand part production as well as system sales. Since 2014 he has served as Director Marketing & Applications focusing on communication brand as well as new markets, gathering information and bringing new additive manufacturing applications to market.

Gary Martin

Gary Martin is a plant and process engineer at HamiltonJet, a leading manufacturer of waterjets for marine propulsion. He has been at HamiltonJet for more than 30 years and has been involved in the implementation of a wide range of plant and processes within their factory. Gary has been involved in the evaluation of 3D printed investment casting patterns used to produce stainless steel castings for both prototype and production purposes.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • the full scope of the voxeljet PMMA Binder Jetting technology
  • the advantages 3D printing holds over conventional wax patterns
  • the do's and don’ts in 3D modeling for a successful 3D print
  • why 3D printing can save you up to 75% in costs and lead times
  • how 3D printing helps to consolidate multipart patterns to just one part

Missed the webinar?

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