How UK foundries gain competitive advantages with on demand 3D printing

How can you gain competitive advantages by integrating 3D printing into your foundry? Additive manufacturing not only helps you to save 75% in leadtime and costs, but also to save materials and create highly complex parts more easily.

However, Brexit left many customers uncertain about new regulations and the challenges they can pose for production workflows, costs and timelines.

In this online seminar we want to introduce you to our On Demand printing services. Learn everything about our technology, from materials and pricing to slacklining export and import customs for UK shipment, securing your adaptive and competitive advantage.

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Our Speakers

Cameron Coyle voxeljet

Cameron Coyle – UK Sales Manager

Cameron Coyle is responsible for managing and developing the UK market for voxeljet. He joined in 2016 as a Sales Associate tasked with introducing and implementing our 3D printing technologies into UK foundries before moving to the role of UK Sales Manager in 2019. Since 2019 he has been responsible for growing the UK market working predominately with Foundry Customers to support on projects and system enquires.

Johanna Tesfu voxeljet

Johanna Tesfu - Manager On Demand Printing

Johanna Tesfu is responsible for the support and management of our global sales team as well as for the management of special projects for the foundry industry. She started her career at voxeljet in 2008 with an apprenticeship and moved to our Customer Service in 2013. Since 2017, she has been available to our global customers as Global Sales Manager for On Demand Printing as an experienced and competent partner.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • where the advantages of 3D printing are compared to established molding processes.
  • about our production capacities, materials and pricing options
  • more about our shipping solutions and handling large-format orders and volumes
  • how to adapt to new export and import regulations in order to secure production timelines.
  • The dos and don'ts in 3D modeling to complete a successful 3D print.

Missed the webinar?

Learn everything about the Just-In-Time production of sand molds and castings, how to slackline the export and import customs for UK shipment, and discover the advantages that On Demand Printing offers you.

Watch the recording now

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