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At our Online 3D Printing Seminar 2021, you can expect exciting customer presentations from various industries and the latest developments in additive manufacturing from voxeljet as well as additive manufacturing and its impact on tomorrow’s production.

Today’s industrial world is facing a number of challenges. Whether it is the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic or future trends such as lightweight construction, resource efficiency or supply chain optimization. In this year’s Customer Seminar, we would like to address precisely these challenges. How can 3D printing revolutionize value chains? How can it secure new competitive advantages for traditional metal casting? How important is the development of new materials for polymer additive manufacturing?

Get inspired by our in-house experts and exciting guest presentations from various industries at this year’s 3D Printing Seminar. Learn how additive manufacturing can help you overcome your challenges and optimize your production.

High Speed Sintering (HSS) - from 2 PM CEST

02:00 pm CEST
Welcome with our CEO Dr. Ingo Ederer

02:15 pm CEST
Exclusive company tour through the voxeljet premises & production

02:45 pm CEST
Material qualification by Fraunhofer IPA

03:30 pm CEST
Introducing the VX1000 HSS polymer 3D printing system, for industrial volume production of polymer parts

04:00 pm CEST
A joint team engineering TPU material machine & software for industrial manufacturing customers – Covestro

04:30 pm CEST
Networking opportunities with our sales staff

Gary Martin, Senior Plant and Process Engineer, HamiltonJet

Gary Martin is a plant and process engineer at HamiltonJet, a leading manufacturer of waterjets for marine propulsion. He has been at HamiltonJet for more than 30 years and has been involved in the implementation of a wide range of plant and processes within their factory. Gary has been involved in the evaluation of 3D printed investment casting patterns used to produce stainless steel castings for both prototype and production purposes.

Rolf Tachibana, AGCC’s Europe representative

Mr. Tachibana has been AGCC’s representative for BrightorbTM inquires in Europe since mid 2019. He has an extensive commercial background, working in Japan for several years and after that for a big FMCG company in Germany for almost two decades.

Nobuo Tomura, Manager Additive Manufacturing Office, AGC Ceramics

Tomura-san has over twenty years of experience in the development of refractory ceramic materials. Since 2019, he has been deeply involved in the customer service, development and production of Brightorb.

Ville Moilanen, CEO, Hetitec

In 2008, Ville Moilanen joined what was then voxeljet technology GmbH in Augsburg as a mechanical engineer ans sales manager for. In 2012 he decided to move back to Finland to start his own business with Hetitec Oy. Equipped with a VX1000 from voxeljet he printed furan molds for customers on demand. For several years, Hetitec pursued this business model until 2018, when Hetitec decided to scale up, expand and transform the business model into a highly specialized foundry. To increase productivity, Hetitec added a VX2000 into its production with the unique idea: let’s build a foundry around the 3D printer and not just include a 3D printer in a foundry. All with a clear focus: to become one of the fastest foundries in Europe.

Anna Tarasova, Research Associate, Fraunhofer IPA

Since 2020, Anna Tarasova has been a research associate at the Fraunhofer Institute IPA in Bayreuth, Germany, responsible for material characterization and parameterization for High Speed Sintering (HSS) technology. Additive manufacturing has been one of her core competencies since the beginning of her academic career. After studying nanotechnology, she successfully completed a master's degree in materials science and technology. Since 2018, Ms. Tarasova has been working on her PhD at the University of Duisburg-Essen, investigating the influence of material composition and surface structure on properties of laser-sintered components.

Nirali Surati, Global lead thermoplastics, Covestro

Nirali Surati is Global Product Manager Additive Manufacturing at Covestro. She focuses on building a thermoplastics product portfolio for Covestro by leveraging open and partnership driven innovations in the additive manufacturing ecosystem. Nirali joined the erstwhile DSM additive manufacturing (now Covestro) organization early 2018 and brings with her 20 years of experience in diverse industry sectors within the broader chemical industry. A Chemical Engineer by education, Nirali has held several strategic roles ranging from new business development to business management throughout her career.

Bettina Mettmann, lab technician additive manufacturing, Covestro

Bettina Mettmann began her career in specialty chemicals with an apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory assistant at Bayer AG. She then trained as a synthesis technician and joined Covestro in 2015. Her area of expertise includes the material development of plastics for 3D printing. Thanks to her close collaboration with voxeljet in the development of new polymers for the HSS process, she is very familiar with the technology and knows the crucial parameters for perfecting the synergies between the printing process and material.

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