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“The atmosphere in the team and the good cooperation with all other departments is unique at voxeljet and ensures that you enjoy coming to work.

As a listed company, you have many obligations. Among them, in particular, the disclosure of finances. It is precisely in this interesting world of books and figures that Lydia is at home.

As Accounting Manager, she oversees the entire balance sheet of voxeljet AG and – together with her team – ensures that the requirements of the stock exchange listing are met.

Always keeping an overview

After studying business administration at the University of Augsburg, Lydia worked for two years at an insurance company in Munich and then joined voxeljet in 2014. After a little more than half a year, she took over the management of the accounting team. Her main tasks are the review and posting of all accounting-relevant transactions, i.e. the entry of a business transaction in the books. This can involve invoices, loans, travel expenses and much more.

For quarterly reviews and annual audits by auditors, Lydia works closely with them and is the first point of contact for any clarifications or questions.

Daily challenges

This can be very challenging, especially for listed companies. If there is a need for clarification with the auditors, Lydia is dependent on both internal and external information, which must first be obtained. In addition, reviews and audits involve looking over your shoulder with stern eyes. Diligence, patience and resilience in the face of time and performance pressures are required here.

“This is especially important because we are an extremely small team for the demands of an SEC listing,” Lydia tells us. “That’s why it carries even more weight that we manage to determine and publish the financial statements under those aspects every time.” But that’s not a problem when you have a team as strong as Lydia’s. Close cooperation, mutual support and collegial interaction ensure that even the greatest challenges can be mastered.

It's a great feeling when we mastered the annual accounts, and that makes me happy and proud every time. To see that all the work has paid off once again, that's just amazing.

Lydia StumpfManager Accounting

The end is also always a beginning

It is indisputable that accounting is an essential and indispensable element of any business, because it is basically the end and the beginning of any process. “The day-to-day business of voxeljet is ultimately reflected in our figures. At the same time, we are also at the beginning of all processes, because the books are the company’s business card and therefore important for many stakeholders.”

But there is much more to the world of accounting than just numbers, legal texts and accounting records. Over the years, Lydia has been able to actively develop her work environment on her own. Whether building the team, implementing new SAP projects or supporting the international subsidiaries. “Sure, the job is always challenging, but the atmosphere in the team and the good cooperation with all other departments, is already unique at voxeljet and ensures that you enjoy coming to work.”

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