Tobias - Product Manager

“The most impressive thing for me is the versatile range of applications of 3D printing.”

Tobias began his career at voxeljet as a dual student just over 10 years ago. Today, as a product manager, he bridges the gap between research, development and sales.

He accompanies the introduction of new products and looks beyond the end of his nose to see what other exciting applications there are for 3D printing.

One interface, many insights

Shortly after graduating from high school in 2012, Tobias joined us as part of a dual study program to become an industrial engineer. He spent most of his time in the lecture hall. One day a week, however, he came to the office and was able to put his new, theoretical knowledge into practice right away. After graduation, he became part of the Applications department – a unit dedicated to new and innovative fields of application for 3D printing – since then he has held the position of Product Manager.

As such, he accompanies the introduction of new products and processes from development to market maturity. To this end, he is always in close contact with departments such as research and development and mechanical engineering. As an industrial engineer, he benefits from his technical and economic know-how. His daily work also requires creativity, careful planning and interpersonal and communication skills. He seeks and promotes cross-departmental cooperation and knows how important teamwork is in order to achieve common goals.

Multi-faceted, diverse, versatile

Tobias has never lost his fascination for 3D printing since he first came into contact with it: “The most impressive thing for me is the versatility of 3D printing. With one and the same machine, it is possible to manufacture a wide variety of products, which in turn can be used in different industries and applications. From automotive to aerospace to architecture.”

Over the years, he has been involved in many exciting projects. For example, the first attempts to apply our 3D printing to architecture and concrete casting. The first attempts still adorn our company headquarters today, and in the meantime, renowned formwork companies are part of our regular customer base and repeatedly call on his expertise.

Tobias is also a sought-after colleague when it comes to plastic 3D printing. “It’s exciting to see what requirements and applications customers come to us with. The challenge here is to find a way to meet customer requirements as well as possible and, on the other hand, to be competitive in the market environment.”

The most impressive thing for me is the versatile range of applications of 3D printing.

Tobias GrünProduct manager

Strong together

Tobias particularly appreciates two things at voxeljet: “The collegial interaction and the enthusiasm for technology. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to new challenges. This only succeeds when all departments and cogs mesh and work together on the matter at hand.”

But it doesn’t just stop at internal communication. Tobias also frequently visits trade fairs, lectures and expert forums to present the latest developments and the fruits of his labor to the trade public.

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