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“Delivering excellence to the customers is my top priority.”

When Andreas Bodenmüller applied for a job at voxeljet in 2004 as a trained model maker, he couldn’t imagine how model making and 3D printing could go together. Willing to find out, however, he accepted a position in the production department, which was still quite manageable at the time.

Today, he is one of our longest-serving employees and knows the company and its products and systems inside out. Over the years, Andreas has accompanied and continuously optimized the development of our technology and processes and has been working in the quality assurance of on-demand production since 2015.

Right in the middle instead of just there

“Back then, the team was still as big as a soccer team. There was a general start-up feeling, there were lots of students and there was a lot of barbecuing – a real summer of the century.” recalls Andi. So he started in production at “finishing” and cleaned the complex printed components and molds, primarily for the automotive and mechanical engineering industries, to prepare them for shipment to customers.

As a model maker, he was overwhelmed from the start by the limitless possibilities offered by 3D printing. To date, it was a completely new technology with enormous potential, and his enthusiasm continues to this day. With the new development of the PMMA plastic process he changed and accompanied the establishment of the on-demand 3D printing production for PMMA parts, which today is one of the largest in Europe, by being responsible for machine operation, maintenance, component finishing.

Know-How as an antidote for growing pains

Today, voxeljet is long past its start-up status. With ISO certification and an IPO, the demands of its diverse customer base grew in terms of quality, precision and reproducibility. “With many customers in the automotive or aerospace industries, it’s important that we deliver parts that are true to size and accurate to tolerances. So we started to measure our parts ourselves with an optical 3D scanner, for example, and to optimize the post-processing techniques for quality assurance,” Andi explains.

With his many years of experience and know-how about the production processes, Andi seized the opportunity for further development and took on the task of professional quality assurance with state-of-the-art scanning and measuring equipment.

With many customers from the automotive or aerospace industry, it is important that we deliver dimensionally accurate parts with precise tolerances. So we started to measure our parts ourselves, e.g. with an optical 3D scanner, and to optimize the post-processing techniques for quality assurance.

Andreas BodenmüllerQuality Assurance

The customer should come back and not the product

Today, it is not only voxeljet’s customers who benefit from Andi’s expertise and detailed knowledge. New and younger employees also know Andi as a competent contact person who knows exactly what it takes to produce high-quality components. This kind of detective work is still a lot of fun for him today. He always has one goal in mind: to deliver outstanding quality to customers. And that is every single day. Quality is therefore created by people – by their ideas, their will to produce high-quality products, and their ability to avoid errors and defects or to detect them in good time.

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