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“I feel comfortable in my current position and I am happy that I took the chance to develop internally.”

Ina was born in Augsburg, but grew up in India. At an early age, she developed a fascination for technology that still accompanies her today. Her father studied engineering at the Technical University of Munich before returning to India with his family. When Ina was a child, her father often took her on company and factory tours, sharpening his daughter’s technical interest and passion for cutting-edge technologies.

With bold steps on new paths

After finishing school, Ina decided to study business administration in Pune, India. She then moved back to Europe for her Master’s degree in Environment and Development. More precisely, she moved to Norwich in the west of England. During her international studies she translated many technical texts and manuals. She gained her first professional experience in England and Germany in the insurance and agency industry. The fact that she spoke several languages at once, especially English and German, was of particular help to her at this stage of her life. When it came to her next big step, Ina was also able to put her multilingualism to good use. After her time in Europe, she moved back to India for a few years and worked as a German teacher before returning to her relatives in Augsburg a few years later.

In 2014, she started at voxeljet in system sales. During this time, she accompanied the sales of 3D printing systems in Asian markets such as China or Taiwan and as well as the sales office in Germany.

“I particularly enjoyed the interaction with customers and our sales people worldwide. The customer contact on site or at trade fairs and the many different cultures were particularly interesting and exciting to get to know. It was great to see how our 3D technology was received and utilized there. The market was still very young and there was a lot of potential. Today, the market is not so young anymore, but the potential continues to grow, driven by new applications, materials, and technologies. This progressive, technical level of additive manufacturing still inspires me today.”

Encouragement to grow internally

During her time in Sales, Ina had already worked a lot on technical documents and knew what questions frequently arose when operating the machines. She wanted to dedicate herself to technical documentation again in more depth. An internal change is not always easy. It always takes some courage to apply for a new department and leave your usual comfort zone – even if it is in the same company. You get to know new processes and are confronted with many new topics and challenges.

In 2017, she took her chance and strengthened the Product Care team. There, she is responsible for preparing the technically complex operating instructions for our 3D printing systems as well as translations of internal company documents. The range of tasks in Product Care is very diverse: “In addition to the actual writing of technical manuals, it also involves graphic editing, concept creation, through to various translations, as well as working with editorial systems,” describes Ina.  For this job, she works closely with colleagues from other departments.

I particularly enjoyed the interaction with customers and our sales people worldwide. The customer contact on site at the customer or at trade fairs was particularly interesting.

Ina ChandorkarProduct Care

For this job, she works closely with colleagues from other departments. She particularly appreciates the interdisciplinary and international collaboration and the opportunity to continue to actively work on the further development of 3D printing as a technology of the future.

She feels comfortable in her current position and is pleased that she has taken the opportunity to develop internally. Today she is one of our experts for the technical translations of our machine operator’s manuals and instructions.

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