Inorganic-Binding - IOB

Environmental friendliness and productivity, these are the two greatest advantages of using inorganic binder systems for metal casting. The water glass based binder generates solely water vapour during the casting process, which leads to significantly improved environmental and working conditions. In addition, 3D printing with inorganic binders is characterized by significantly faster layer times, generating filigree structures such as water jacket cores. Besides inorganic binder systems, voxeljet also offers standard foundry materials such as furan or phenolic resin.


  • Use of environmentally friendly materials
  • Ideally suited for light metal casting
  • Low gas evolution
  • Low-emission casting
  • Unprinted sand recyclable
MaterialSilica Sand
Type GS 15
Medium Grain Size150 µm
Applications Thin-walled casting cores
Build space up to1.000 x 600 x 200 mm
Binder type waterglass-based binder
Layer height280 µm (standard)
Accuracy ±0,4 % (min. ± 1,5 * layer thickness)
Loss on ignitionresidual moisture <0,3 %
Resolution x, y300 dpi