Design models produced in 3D printing offer designers and artists completely new possibilities for the perfect representation and presentation of their creative work and design solutions. Ideal for making designs quickly understandable and easy to review in detail from any perspective. Regardless of whether it is product design, finely detailed architectural models, environmental models, city models, high-resolution film props or realistic exhibits and replicas of valuable museum pieces.

3D gedruckte Sandgussform von voxeljet

Functional Architecture with 3D Printing

The Mersitem Wall is a best practice example of how functional and sustainable architecture can be created with 3D printing.

3D investment casting model from voxeljet for bronze casting

3d printing for sustainable architecture

Singapore's AIRLAB uses these table legs to show how architecture can be made more sustainable and functional at the same time.

3D printed Stormtrooper helmet from voxeljet

3D printing the future of prop manufacturing

Using 3D printing to create cost-effective, realistic movie props.

3D printed snare ball from voxeljet

Four meters high artwork from the 3D printer

voxeljet creates the four-meter-high aluminium sculpture "sling ball" using the 3D printing system VX4000

3D Printing for Art Casting

3D printing modernizes traditional art casting

Art foundry Strassacker creates artistic works using 3D printing systems by voxeljet

Comparison 3D printed Aston Martin and original from voxeljet

3D printed Aston Martin

For the 007 film Skyfall, models of the Aston Martin DB5 were produced with our 3D printer and used for the stunt scenes.

Art statue from the voxeljet 3D printer

Taking 3D printing to the next level for architects and element builders

Binder Jetting" 3D printing is ideal for large-format and highly complex architectural projects. 3D printing for the entire BIM process chain.

3D printed exhibit from voxeljet

The design of living spaces using 3D printing

3D printing has become an integral part of architecture.

3D scan of an excavation

Restoration using 3D printing

For fifteen years the team from the Egyptian Museum in Berlin dug in the Sudanese desert and restored historically valuable items.

Art model from the voxeljet 3D printer

Art room from the 3D printer

Architects have already been using 3D printing technology for creating true-to-scale models for a number of years.


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