Industrial 3D printers revolutionize the traditional art casting

Art foundry Strassacker creates artistic works using 3D printing systems by voxeljet. Strassacker, one of the oldest and largest art foundries in Europe, is modernizing art casting with 3D printing from voxeljet.

The printing technology is used to create investment casting patterns and increases the artists’ freedom of design. Artworks which previously could not be produced using traditional molding techniques can now be printed directly in the form of a casting pattern.

Have you heard of The Bambi Award? The German Media and Television Prize, which is awarded annually to people with visions and for outstanding achievements? The award winners include world stars such as Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson and Kate Winslet. But far less known is the company that produces the coveted bronze deer: the family owned company Strassacker from Süßen near Stuttgart.

Since it was founded in 1919, the company has evolved from the manufacture of pasta machines and everyday objects to the production of numerous precious artworks. The company has made a name for itself especially in the art industry and is now a well-known player. Their customers include world renowned contemporary artists, who rely on the Strassackers’ specialist expertise.

This means that customers can either send in their completed CAD data sets to Strassacker, where they will be processed in the company’s in-house digital workshop, or customers can approach Strassacker with their project plans and allow the specialists in the 3D modelling department to advise them.

Strassacker can offer its customers both manual and digital manufacturing processes. If required, they can even combine the two together in a hybrid approach.

Webinar: Art Casting

In this webinar, the renowned German art foundry, Strassacker, will tell all about PMMA 3D printing technology and it’s applications in art casting.

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“KAS” and “Infiniala” show the unique possibilities in the realization of highly complex, digitally created works of art. The complex nested geometries can only be realized by the use of additive processes, such as binder jetting from voxeljet. It would be impossible to produce these casting models using conventional molding processes.

Precision work: chiselling and patination

Once the casting process has been completed, the chiselling and patinating work begins. A service that Strassacker customers particularly appreciate. In intensive cooperation with the artist, the final appearance of an artwork is created mutually. With custom-made tools, the chisellers precisely carve out intricate shapes and structures. Multi-piece cast parts are joined by a specially developed welding process without any visible welds on the finished work of art. The Bambi also gets its highly polished surface here. Last but not least, the patinater gives the work its colour by anticipating the natural oxidation process using chemical reactions. A high level of craftsmanship and expertise is required to create the subtlest of nuances in colour.

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