The Binder Jetting process in the form of additive manufacturing opens up new possibilities to bring products to market faster. In addition, the process enables the material properties of the product or component to be influenced variably in all three dimensions. This can be the partial change of the mechanical strength, elasticity, material density in the product. For example, to optimize the ergonomics, weight and center of gravity of a product to a previously unattainable extent. Thus, conventional standard components such as buckles, shoe soles, orthopedic insoles and much more can be produced without special tools. With high future potential.

installed 3D printed joystick in an Lindner tractor

3d printed joysticks for tractors and machines

For Lindner Traktorenwerke, 3D printing is already an alternative to injection molding. For example, for customized joysticks and control elements for their tractors.

black bike manufactured by urwahn using 3d printing

URWAHN – 3D printing in bike manufacturing

To produce its e-bikes, URWAHN has focused on reshoring and lean management and is achieving these goals through additive manufacturing. Learn what role the voxeljet technology plays.

3D-Druck TPU von voxeljet

HSS Material Network – Proof of Concept TPU Launhardt

The HSS Material Network has published a new proof of concept. The TPU from the manufacturer Launhardt is one of the softest on the market.

Polymer 3D Printing

Industrial Polymer 3D Printing Review: An extensive comparison of voxeljet HSS, HP MJF, and SLS

Whats the difference between HSS, MJF and SLS polymer 3D printing? Get to know the three main AM technologies for polymers in this extensive comparison.

HSS Material Network – Proof of Concept HDPE

Together with Fraunhofer IPA we have qualified the polymer HDPE for additive manufacturing within our HSS Material Network.

Polymer Sintering Prototyping

HP Multi Jet Fusion and voxeljet High Speed Sintering in comparison

The 3D printing processes MJF and HSS in comparison: Where are the differences and advantages for users?

Sensor holder 3D printed in PA12

Polymer sintering in custom mechanical engineering

With High Speed Polymer Sintering, prototypes can be realized much faster and economically viable.

Coral Runner by shoe designer Shun Ping Pek

3D printing for the perfect sneaker

How polymer high speed sintering (HSS) can be used to develop the perfect 3D printed shoe.

Prototype development on the VX200 HSS

Additive shoe production 4.0

How powder-based 3D printing is revolutionizing tomorrow's running. 

Polymer 3D Printing PA12

Additive polymer part production 3D printing stings injection molding

voxeljet service centre for 3D printing: 500 cable clamps in just one job box


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