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The HSS Material Network is an interdisciplinary network of selected experts dedicated to making the development and qualification of new polymer materials for the additive manufacturing process High Speed Sintering (HSS) more flexible and faster.

The VX200 HSS from voxeljet is designed as an open source 3D printing system and provides full access to process parameters and temperature management in order to best match the printing process and material. The HSS Material Network offers customers a flexible and low-risk outsourcing option for material development for additive manufacturing. The complementary competencies of the HSS Material Network partners enable companies of all sizes to receive unique support, from an initial suitability test, through specific development and parameterization, to certification or market-ready qualification of the material. Here we present our partners, projects and proof of concepts.

Proof of Concept I – High Density Polyethylen (HDPE)

Customer/Material Manufacturer: Diamond Plastics GmbH
Development & qualification: Fraunhofer IPA / Universität Bayreuth

Particularly noteworthy: When processing using HSS, it was possible to achieve a particularly high degree of flexibility. This type of flexibility is difficult to achieve in laser sintering, for example. The reason for this is the punctual thermal loading of the material. This has a negative effect on the mechanical properties of the material. In the case of HSS, on the other hand, the powder bed is exposed over a large area, which increases the duration of the energy input and reduces thermal stress. This preserves the flexibility of the HDPE.

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