True to original 3D printed dinosaurs from 3D printer

An original, reproduced and inexpensive dinosaur skeleton within a few days. Designers, model builders and restorers are often faced with the challenge of turning computer animations into exact physical models.

Two practical examples from the field of prehistoric research demonstrate how tasks of this kind can be managed with ease using voxeljet’s 3D printing method. While years ago 3D printing was primarily used in the more traditional industries such as machine building, automotive industry and aviation, users from other industry segments are now following suit.

It even makes easy work of the reconstruction of dinosaur skeletons for scientific purposes. Two prehistoric giants, the Velociraptor and the Stegosaurus, have already come to life on voxeljet printers.

These two unconventional practical examples confirm the advantages of the voxeljet 3D printing technology for the reconstruction and manufacture of physical models on the basis of computer animation.

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